Can we get less season pass options buried under advanced on the server

And added to the actual season pass section of the app? I kind of thought a server was supposed to be a background device. It shouldn't have to be accessed all the time, and as I'm starting to add more things to the to do list it's getting annoying to make a pass, go to the server and add conditions that were basic on tivo. Considering it was the gold standard for dvr design, it would make sense to pull as much as possible from it.

So for something specific... If I'm selecting new or all episodes, and choosing all, it should open up options and at least have the ability to choose what season to start on.

Now it's create pass in app. Switch inputs, grab keyboard, navigate to server - > dvr - > show - > advanced - > conditions - > season - > greater than - > season number - > save - > switch inputs, put away keyboard, grab streamer remote - > back to business.

Beyond tedious.

And it doesn't make much sense to assume I'm either all caught up and just need new episodes or I haven't seen anything and need to start from the very beginning.

I would like to see channel selection for the passes on the clients. It defaults to all which I really would like a channel option. Right now I have to remember to go to advanced pass and select the channel I want.


Completely agree here, please let us add channel number when 'all' is selected... There might be old reruns to record in HD so I only want to record all new showings on that single channel. I can do from the server but shouldn't have to and my wife deffinately can't do it so we end up with tens of showings being recorded from different channels...

Guys,can we can a reply to this? This doesn't seem unreasonable, and it's how a dvr should work. Servers are something hidden for a reason. The front end should be the only interface you need for day to day stuff, and setting up recordings is day to day stuff.

We agree.

In the meantime instead of all that above you can just bookmark in your phone browser the address of your server and customize the pass settings with your phone. Example http://192.168.1.XXX:8089/

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