Can you customize the look and feel of ChannelsDVR (AndroidTV)?

As the topic indicates, I'm wondering if there's a way to customize how things like the OSD (On-Screen Display) look on the AndroidTV version of the app? Like the colors, what information is displayed, etc.
To be honest, this is the primary reason why I haven't pulled the trigger yet and purchased the app (still in my trial), because it seems to be missing basic stuff, like customization options which makes the user experience feel unpolished...

Am I just missing something? Are there plans to add these features to a future release?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Purple's always been my favorite color, but maybe this is more to your liking?


There’s no themeing, but there’s lots of customization you can do with the library, with more coming.

Can you give more details about what you want?

The android app is a bit behind on some of these things, but the beta has it almost all the way caught up to the tvOS app.

This is fantastic! I see they have quite a few different ones available out on Drive, so I will give them a try. Thank you!

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Let me give the other apk's a try and see if what I'm looking for is resolved or not and I'll let you know.

Thank you!

But while I have you, how do I permanently disable the closed captions? Every time I open the app, they are turned on and when I go into the options to turn them off, it won't let me. A little black box blips on the screen and then disappears right away when I click the button and it doesn't turn them off.

Which button where are you referring to?

There should only be one, the one in the thread. And keep in mind it's user created and not officially supported by the developers.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Actually, the Beta version that Pokemon_Dad referred me to (Carbon Themed version) seems to have fixed the closed caption issue I was experiencing.

However, to answer your question - the "button" I was referring to is the one in the Options menu. When you are watching a channel, press the down arrow on the remote to pull down the top menu, then go to Options and it's the check mark in Closed Captions > Track 1. I was unable to remove the check mark. Each time I clicked on it, a little black box would blip on the screen and disappear right away...
But as I said, the issue appears to be resolved in the beta version so I guess I'm good to go!

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You're right. When I clicked the link earlier that he provided, I saw the other links in the "Popular Links" section and thought they were other themes. But I see that they are no longer active.

So the beta version seems to correct the "look and feel" of what I was looking for, but the one thing that still stands out like a sore thumb, is the "Description" box on the OSD. It only shows a little bit of the description and then cuts off and I don't understand why it wouldn't wrap around to the next line or even a few lines like most of the others do? See the uploaded pic I took as an example... Maybe I'm just missing something again? It would be nice to see more options available to customize things a bit more..

You can press down in the player to see more details

Otherwise it would take up the whole screen showing the entire description.

+100,000,000 for ditching the barney theme without having to download an unofficial apk. Still don't get why we're shoehorned into it. And it always manages to rear its head every so often with devs beating it down every single time. It's funny you refuse to listen to your subscription paying customers on this but will listen elsewhere. Will you die a little inside if that carbon theme became an official option? Do you bleed barney purple blood?


Because its is THEIR brand, their product Image and design choice.

Channels devs have stated this here in the forms and via DM some time ago, multiple times. And have no intentions of changing their product image. Maybe, someday, that will change.

Just like DeWalt tools are yellow and black themed, and Milwaukee are Red and Black....companies/brands chose a color theme and design for their product and stick to it.

If you don't like it....use something else OR, make your own custom Channels Themed app, alike to what another user has made. The tools are freely available, and you can learn/teach yourself how to do it thanks to the internet and google.

Also, keep in mind, that Channels was and is a Apple focused software, that is their main and first platform....most Apple users, do not really care or want any form of customization or personalization options to complicate their life, they just want and follow what the mighty big Apple chooses for them.

And your opinion cotinues means zero to me, but thanks for taking the time to reply. Have a nice day. :wave:

It not opinion, its documented fact. Read the forms.

There are at lest a dozen other threads on the topic of themes or appearance of their app.

The devs are all for the users modding the apk to theme it as they see fit though.
There are options available to you, a dark theme and a blue it takes a minute to install it manually, big deal, if you want something other than Purple, then that is what you have to do. Simple.

At least Android TV users HAVE options....Apple TV users have NONE.

I'm not sure you can claim silence/inaction regarding unauthorized mods to the Android version as consent.

Read the thread dude. They posted “go for it” in the carbon thread they have no issue with it. Mobile right now cann,t search for the post my self but is there.

It's in the metro blue theme by @tobycth3 where they said to have at it. I was pleased they didn't mind if I messed with it. That being that said, I wasn't happy with the purple, so I changed it for myself

I see a lot wrong with some of the responses in this thread.

First, @crogs , man, if they don't want to make other colors available, decompile the APK and make your own theme. Or use the one I made. Or the purple. I don't think anyone cares which version you use. I'm pretty sure they don't. I know I don't.


Why you always gotta be trying to argue with folks in that smug know-it-all attitude, always slobbing all on the devs assholes, you end up sticking your foot
in your mouth a lot, and don't seem to have the right attitude to admit when you're wrong, misinformed, or just didn't look deep enough cause you jumped at the opportunity to suck the devs up and start shit in your "I'm all advanced, and know more about this shit than y'all" attitude. And I'm gonna say that you do, you're a valuable asset to the community and the devs, no one doubts that, why not just keep it at that. Or learn to pick your battles.

At least try to keep the threads civil. Flinging insults is one way to make sure you point is duly ignored. (I had to re-read that line a few times to even understand what you were trying to say.)

And I have no qualms when admitting I am wrong, and if this is such an occasion, then I accept that. However, my post was in response to @speedingcheetah's link to a different post, one that does not include the supposed "go for it" response. If you're going to post a link to a specific response, then make sure you're posting the proper quotation. I shouldn't have to dig through an entire thread to find the quote you wanted because you're too lazy to do your own research.

Now that I've admitted I may be wrong about the developers' stance—assuming such a statement was made—I'll leave you all to argue over which shade of purple you hate, or blue you love.