Cancelling stream TVE-Hulu ch6003 after no data was received for 2m0s

Title from logs. Had this issue yesterday for a game, though there was a file, it was missing apparently these 2 min segments over and over for hours. I tried today (recent pre-release, and after re-scan of HULU) recording an infomercial on same channel. Still getting this issue.

Submitted diagnostics:


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This indicates issues retrieving the data from the source. Have you tested to verify your internet connection is stable with no packet loss? If that is ruled out it could be an issue from the provider of the channel itself. What channel is it?

Network is solid, had other TVE sources recording via Hulu credentials on other channels that did not have this issue.

It is CBS , and I tried direct via with Hulu credentials just after I tested in Channels, and let it run for a while, and there was no breaks in the feed.

I will be using OTA for now in place of CBS via Hulu, but thought I'd note it here in case others have this issue, or a resolution comes up.

CBS with Hulu cred is perfectly fine here in Tampa market. ABC has issues but they also exist on the live local ABC feed.

As an update, this is still an issue, and now appears to be affecting all Local via TVE stations (ABC, CBS, NBC).

Recording on all other channels (Hulu TVE channels) work fine, even during same time frames as these failed Locals, so not a general network issue.

I'm trying to get OTA to cover these, but would like to figure out whay these are having this issue.

Have sent diagnostics fc5e437e-507b-4c7d-bfd9-0003d76e6c29 and emailed support.

Edit: Note, trying direct in browser to these feeds works without any interruptions (tried at same time as recording).

Trying to understand where things are going wrong (constantly getting these timeouts on local TVE channels via HULU).

Trimmed long URL and formatted a bit of recording log to try and understand:

at=2021-11-23T15:00:13.960367664-08:00 tag="nbc"
err="hls: timeout while waiting for data"

^^ This appears to be the timeout

at=2021-11-23T15:00:13.960961977-08:00 tag="nbc"

^^ not sure why the url is a bit different than previous or next entry?

at=2021-11-23T15:00:14.460867064-08:00 tag="nbc"

^^ this appears to be a reference to the timeout entry, but says it is "downloading" !?

at=2021-11-23T15:00:14.463283064-08:00 tag="nbc"

^^ and now truncating downloading the url it said had a timeout, but was still open

I just don't get it, direct in browser streams just fine :frowning:

Is the browser you are testing from running in the same hardware as the DVR software?

No, but same network (hard wired). DVR is running on Qnap, I guess I could try to load the Chrome browser and test, but DVR must be using a hidden or in-built chromium?

Yeah not sure if you can do a browser test, but you could do something like a ping from SSH to make sure it’s internet connectivity is solid. I assume it’s not under resource pressure like heavy cpu or memory usage?

Qnap does offer Chrome. I installed it, dragged out a mouse and keyboard and connected (usually headless) to monitor.

Been watching a problem channel direct in Chrome via Qnap for the past 10+ minutes without any issues at all.

No resource issues, in fact have recorded multiple HULU non-local channels along with a HULU local channel, and same issue, only on the HULU local TVE does it continuously timeout, while the non local HULU TVE records without any interruptions at all.

Edit: Issue is all TVE HULU local channels, all non local TVE HULU channels never have this issue.

Anyone know what chrome/chromium version channels uses for Qnap NAS?

Do you have IPV6 enabled on the QNAP?

It did have IPV6 enabled, I just disabled that and testing to see if it makes a difference, will update soon.

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Still seeing issue, just in case (with the ipV6 turned off now), I am updating server from 2021.11.20.2226
to Downloading 2021.11.23.2219 update... and will toggle TVE option in settings and try again...

Disabled ipv6, updated DVR, toggled TVE setting, rescanned the problem channels. Tried a recording, still getting same behavior :frowning:

As last resort (after the above actions), I stopped and restarted the DVR App within Qnap. Current recording test has no issues so far (7 minutes in,usually saw issue every 2 to 3 minutes). Crossing fingers.

I will run some test recordings this evening and report back.

Thanks to all for the help/ideas!

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Well, thought things were better, but recording from the big 3 (NBC,CBS,ABC) all still having the same issues. Maybe I can try running a second DVR in a container and/or on another device locally.

I setup an additional DVR on my windows laptop, and still getting same issue on HULU TVE local channels.

I submitted diagnostics from this test install, where I setup HULU and tried to record NBC (6000):


I have figured out the issue by process of elimination. Even though all else works fine (many other HULU non TVE channels, OTA via HD Homerun, etc), an extra Router in my network appears to cause these isolated issues.

Setup DVR on a MackBook direct into the primary (xfinity) router and now not seeing the issue.

Sorry for wasting time on this, thanks for all the help!