Cannot access Channels DVR since lastest Windows 10 security upgrade

I get the error message below when I try to access my admin DVR channels program> Any suggestions?
This site cannot be reached: refused to connect.

Also, I received the error message when I tried to access my DVR program:
This site cannot be reached:

Does the Windows Task Manager show channels-dvr.exe running?


Was it installed a windows service before? Or running in the system tray?

If you go to Start Menu and search for Channels DVR and run it, does it open?

If not, please email [email protected] with this file attached: c:\programdata\channelsdvr\data\channels-dvr.log

I do not have this file. Below is an icon on my Chrome Search bar that I had always clicked to start channelsdvr. How do I get the channels dvr program loaded on my Windows 10 computer?

Channels DVR

If you open the start menu and paste this path does it open the Windows explorer to the directory?