Cannot boot from USB3 port only USB2 ports work

I am a new user and just got the Pi setup and working. Everything functions except my 500 GB Samsung SSD will only work when plugged into a USB2 port. I have the new Sabrent enclosure that is listed as compatible. I saw some blogs about a quirk to fix the problem. Can you explain how to install the quirks if that is indeed the fix?

When the Pi boots up what's the date shown for the eeprom firmware on screen?

Which enclosure are you using exactly?

Sabrent Model EC-NVME-BLK
Photo of the bootup screen is attached..... I dont see an eeprom date. I am a brand new Pi user so perhaps I dont understand what you are looking for.

It's the very first screen after power on. You can unplug the usb and it will stay on for longer.

On the web UI, click and hold the Check for Update button under OS.

The date is 02/24/2021 and the enclosure model is Sabrent EC-NVME-BLK

I am having this exact same issue, I am using an 2 TB Toshiba external HD. The firmware date on my Pi 4 is Feb 16 2021.
As a sanity check I imaged the Raspberry Pi Lite OS on the same HD and I had no issue booting it up using the USB 3.0 ports. I was going to just use that image and the Linux Version of Channels on there, But TV Everywhere did not like the ARM processor.

Any suggestions would be great

I've got an arm64/aarch64 Fedora server running off an external drive for a Pi4. I'm using this container with Podman and have no problems with TV Everywhere streams.

I guess I am too much of a docker novice, I cannot get that working myself.