Cannot find Tuner

I have an HDHomeRun Connect (2 channels) and a Quattro, although the latter is used just for Plex. 2 Apple TVs in regular use find and connect to the HR Connect no problem. Likewise my iPad (that I actually do not use for that purpose - but it works perfectly).

We have blanket WiFi coverage and the tuners sit on the wired Gigabit network. Everything is working perfectly, except my wife's iPad (identical iPad Air 2 to mine) now cannot find either tuner. It was working up until a while ago, but now not only cannot automatically discover the tuners, but when I manually enter the CORRECT IP address (can use it to browse to the tuner) on my wife's iPad complains that there is no such device at that address, which is obviously nonsense.

I have quit the app (really, not just switched to another) and restarted the iPad and turned on Airplane mod and off again. Everything on my wife's iPad is working perfectly and right now it is sitting on my desk, side by side with my iPad. But as I said, on my iPad, Channels starts up and instantly finds the tuners and works as it should. But the other iPad simply states there is no such device at that address.

So what exactly is having such a problem with? Why is it totally unable to use the exact device it is designed to use. Cannot auto locate it and says cannot find it even when told precisely where it is.

When did networking become so hard. TCP/IP is a robust protocol that has been working for millions of us for decades. Why do developers then have to try and be clever and end up rendering a well understood and perfectly functional system useless.

My irritation aside, can someone suggest how to kick Channels into behaving as it should?

This is likely due to new iOS 14 restrictions which can break tcp/ip within apps. See similar thread:

If that doesn't work please submit diagnostics and we will have a look.

Yup, that was it. Thanks.

I knew it had to be someone messing us about with some bright idea. I did look for a restriction like that, but somehow did not find that actual (but rather obvious) one. So mea culpa on that. Bad Apple for causing such nonsense in the first place.

Anyway, my wife will be pleased about that, so thanks again.