Cannot locate personal media after moving it into tvshows folders and scanning

I cannot find the 4 tv shows I transcoded to h.265 and then moved over to the tvshows folder defined in channels. I ran the personal media scan and after it finished I looked for it, then went to search and only found upcoming episodes, nothing in the library. Went into the Website couldn't find it there. Checked the logs, no mention of the media scan after running it, then running it again 1/2 hour later. How do I play these files if they aren't getting into the gui? Is there a browse file system hidden somewhere? -Bill

Which one?
They can only go in Imports/TV/ShowName
or one of the sources you define

They were put into the TV Shows defined folder. -Bill

Can you please show the content of that TV Shows folder? It will be useful to see how you organized and named the content in there.

All shows except these are in subfolders named with the show name. These are just 4 shows in the root of that defined folder. Would that make a difference? I will create another folder and add them to that to see if it makes any difference. -Bill

Yes, that makes a difference. It is required that individual files be in a folder that is named after the TV show.

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Interesting, now I see them. Should I have put them in the videos folder then?

videos folder is for things that have no metadata at Gracenote and TMDB, like home videos, music videos, etc.

Based on responses, there is no way to browse the local file system to find things that get loaded into the wrong place in channels? -Bill

Not sure what you mean.
You put things where Channels DVR expects them for import.
Movies, TV Shows and Videos.

If you put a Movie in TV Shows, or a TV Show in Movies, same for Videos, Channels DVR trusts you know what you're doing.

Something in the gui that lets you browse the file system of the dvr. Like this:

Not currently.
I don't recall the developers saying anything like that is on the roadmap.