Cannot manually add Source in 3.2.30

The App on my Apple TV's has updated from 3.2.29 to 3.2.30 and it no longer functions as needed. Due to my location, I have my HDHomeRuns installed at my Office. I have a private WAN connection to my Office which allowed me to connect to the HDHomeRun manually. But it appears that the manual option has been removed in this new version. So, now I have some very unhappy family members.

What are my options here? :frowning:

What exactly is missing? No changes were made in this area.

Under settings, there used to be an option to "Manually Add" a source. This is where I could manually enter the IP address of the HD HomeRun and it would work. This option is no longer displayed. There is only "Try Channels in Demo Mode" and "Scan network for tuners". Scanning will not work as I am on a different network than the tuner. This manual option is still listed in the Android TV version.

This is an image of what I am seeing...


This is an image of an older version that has the "Add tuner manually" option.

Maybe a bug snuck in. We will take a look.

Awesome, thanks.

I've reproduced this and am looking at it now. I'll let ya know soon.

Thanks for reporting it in!

The issue is resolved and available in the beta version that's available on TestFlight.


Great, thanks again. Just like to say I'm impressed with the speed of the service.

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This fix is now available on the store release, version 3.2.21. It's just been released and should be available on the store within the hour.

Sweet. 3.2.31 updated and all working again. Seriously, that was a super fast fix. I thought I'd be out for a couple of weeks at least until it was fixed and went through the Apple Store process. :slight_smile:

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