Cannot play 4k video on 1080 display, Nvidia Shield

The Nvidia Shield client cannot play a 4k local media file on a 1080 display. Plays audio but no video. Same file from same location plays just fine in the Plex client. Why cannot Channels play the higher res file via my Nvidia shield? It does not even have to be transcoded by channels as the shield will do it in hardware on the fly.

Are you using hardware or software decoder? Try switching and see if it changes.

Already tried hardware, software and hybrid with same results.

Probably unsupported codec or format. What does View Details for that video show?

31 min

Bit Rate
21,636,422 bits/sec

File Size
4,933,104,232 bytes

File ID

Streaming Index
Out of date

Track #0: H.265 / HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding)
3840x1916 960:479 yuv420p10le 23.98fps

Track #1: ATSC A/52B (AC-3, E-AC-3)
eng 0kbps

Submit diagnostics from the client app after attempting playback.

Diagnostics sent. thanks for looking into this.

Can you submit again with the Video Decoder set to Hardware

Changed to hardware video decoder and resubmitted.

One last time with software mode?

Done, software decode. and resubmitted.

This time I get audio and video but it skips badly.

Were you ever able to determine why I cannot play these 4k videos via Channels to my NVidia Shield?