Cannot watch on ATV- Tuner Not Available

SO I am new to the Channels app, and so far cannot get it to work. I have an HDHomerun Connect, new with current firmware, and two ATV 4s connected to two different TV sets via ethernet in different parts of the house. Channels sees my HDHomerun fine, and will scan with up to 50 channels. The HomeRun app on my Mac will play most of these channels with no problem (Mac is also on ethernet). However, when I go to the live section on Channels, I get the “No Tuner Available” message 99% of the time. Occasionally I might see a few pixels displayed in the live window, but nothing else. I have restarted both ATVs, the HD box, and the ethernet switches that these devices are connected to, plus my router. Any ideas? Have I missed a setting in the ATVs? Do I need the HomeRun Extend with hardware transcoding? Thanks!
Don from Chicagoland

That’s strange…

Can you try the free apps “instatv pro” or VLC on the Apple TV to see if they can stream?

I will try that.

Also try wifi just to see if that makes any difference.

Are the hdhomerun and ATVs plugged into the same switch?

The HDHR and the ATVs are plugged into different switches in different parts of the house. I am still having the same issue. When I start a stream in the Channels app, the tuner light on the HDHR lights up for about 30 seconds to one minute, while on the TV there is just the spinning disk. Eventually the tuner light goes off, and on the ATV I get the Tuner Not Available message.

Sounds like you need to cut this problem in half. Do you have a laptop/desktop that you can put on the same switch as the HDHR, or is one of the TVs small enough to move for a test and move he appleTV to the same switch?

Are the switches wired together? Or wifi connected?

I moved the HDHR to a different switch, and now it’s working. It will stream to both ATVs at the same time.