Can't add TVE source on Nvidia Shield Pro

Channels DVR server running on Nvidia Shield TV Pro.. When I attempt to add fubo tv as a TVE source, I get an error message:

chrome failed to start: ./chromedp-shell[7]: can't create /mnt/expand/fc331b97-a7d0-4536-b83f-45bf8ef6b111/user/0/ No such file or directory ln: cannot create symbolic link from '/mnt/expand/fc331b97-a7d0-4536-b83f-45bf8ef6b111/user/0/' to '/mnt/expand/fc331b97-a7d0-4536-b83f-45bf8ef6b111/user/0/': No such file....

What is causing this? I previously had DirecTV as a TVE source and it worked fine.

You can try to click-and-hold the Sign In button after entering your TVE login

Thank you, that worked.

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