Can't always get to menu

I'm running the player on two shields and an apple tv with the backend on a linux based pc. The system works fine, but I've noticed a few issues and would be grateful for any advice.

When you go into the menus the first time you'll get a PIP, but you can't easily get back to that screen as if you press back the app closes, but leaves the PIP running.

When you then get back to the app, you can then no longer access the menu options as every time you try the app closes and you are then in a cycle, unless you fully close the PIP and start again.

How can we easily access the full guide (to see whats on and set other recordings) and switch back to what we were watching without having to find the channel in the guide again or exiting and restarting the app.

Tried with Harmony remotes, shield remotes and apply tv remotes and get same issue with all, so does look more like an app issue

You mentioned Shields and Apple TV. Which client is having the issue, or is it all? Getting back to the PIP window has been discussed at length in other threads. I have a button on my harmony remote dedicated to maximizing the pip window for this on my Apple TV. I haven’t run into the other issue you are describing, however.

it's on all, but mainly watch on the shield tv - once the pip is showing you can't easily get back to it, and if the app does exit you can connect to the pip, but once done you can't easily get to menu again

ideally should get a message asking if you really want to exit the app