Can't authenticate to DIY network with Spectrum

Every time I try to rescan DIT (now the Magnolia network) from Spectrum I get the following error:

2022/11/05 21:17:17.438804 [TVE] action=error_response type=Document error=net::ERR_ABORTED url=
2022/11/05 21:17:17.735174 [TVE] action=science_stream error={[{access.denied.missingpackage 403}] {{[]}}}

Is this channel available through the Science Channel web site? All the other channels scanned correctly.

All Discovery Network channels are available from the Science channel website.
If you visit in a browser and scroll the network logos at the top you'll see the one for Magnolia
Click on that and it switches to the Magnolia Network

Update your DVR Server to the latest pre-release and see if it fixes it
On the DVR web UI, select Status > Version > Check For Update > Check for Pre-Release

Prerelease upgrades happen manually, only when you click the button above. The next time a stable release happens, your DVR will switch back to the newer stable build automatically.

Upgraded from release version 2022.10.03.2116 to pre-release version 2022.11.06.0531 and have the same problem.

Have you tried the Update Password trick to clear the chromedata folder?
TVE Troubleshooting tips

I know what the problem is. When I go to the Science Channel web site and select the Magnolia network it says "Network not in your TV package". Yet I am subscribed to that channel! I can watch it on Spectrum through my cable box. I wonder why these are out of sync?

The Science channel doesn't complain about the other science channel web sites.

You can complain to Spectrum since they're doing the authentication.
I get that sometimes using Xfinity with some of the local networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX.
Really, NBC isn't in my package?

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