Can't authorize access via ipad anymore

Can't access DVR via remote anymore. Clicked on connect outside of home and browser pops up with the Authorize Access Button, New window appears stating "Open in Channels DVR Beta" Cancel or Open. " I click open but nothing happens.

Do you have the beta app installed on the device? If so, make sure you can launch it manually.

Its the one installed thru "test flight". But I deleted "test flight". DVR app does open and connect to when I'm at home on my Home network. But can't access the DVR from remote location anymore. This has happened since the update to iOS 14. The Access Button does not function or open a new browser window.

That’s why I’m saying. That button is trying to launch the Channels Beta app, it sounds like. Are you able to run the beta app manually?

The name is cut off but you can see the B:


not beta. So Never mind.