Can't connect to remote server

I have 2 servers, one local, and one remote. ONLY the remote server has 'Remote DVR' turned on, and when I enter the address in a browser from home (considered local), it works as expected.

The problem is that on my Shield, I can't connect to the remote DVR. It keeps connecting to my local one no matter what I do. Is there any way to make this work?

I normally access it through a reverse proxy when I need to, but there are no options to enter a custom IP or URL in the Android app that I have found, and like I said above, the "" also doesn't seem to work. As soon as I enter the pin #, it just connects locally.

From the Settings screen of your client, select the Channels logo, and then select "Away From Home".

yep, that is what I did. But after doing that, it still connects locally.

I even tried logging out.

This is a known issue. Only one dvr can be used by the client and if there is a local dvr it always wins.

no work around, short of using a guest network on the Shield (which won't work), or a different VLAN (which I could probably make work) if needed?

Ideally, you should be able to put in a dedicated URL for those that are comfy with setting up their own encryption, etc, and if so, it will point to that URL no matter what.

If you turn off discovery on the local dvr and then remove/reinstall the app it will let you connect to remote

Would just unplugging the network on the local DVR work?


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I'm assuming you don't do auto connect? So after he connected to the remote DVR on the one client, he could reconnect the local DVR for any other clients?

I'll give it a shot. Thanks.

That worked. Thanks!

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I uninstalled and reinstalled the client app on my appletv and it still reverts to my local DVR server. Local server has Discovery and Remote DVR disabled. Remote server has Remote DVR and Discovery enabled but the Discovery is advertising via 2 networks! That can't be right.

You have to delete all copies of the Channels app for the trick to work.

I got this trick to work with one client. Thanks! What happens when I add more clients? Will it still connect to the remote server? What happens if I select At Home?