Can't edit /data directory on ReadyNAS


I reinstalled Channels DVR on my ReadyNAS 516 file server. But I didn’t know the DVR would only use the /data directory on the server. My volume is setup with the root directory of tRaid6. How can I edit the initial setup directory, or bypass the initial setup and edit the directory for the DVR?




You can enter any directory at first to get through setup, then change it


Well I could if I could edit the /data part. But it doesn’t allow me to edit that in the dialog. How do I change that part of the path?


my ReadyNAS volume path starts with /tRaid6. How do I edit it to store recordings under that directory?


Just continue with /data first and finish the setup.


There is no /data. When I try to get past it I get:

Error: unable to create dvr directory: mkdir /data: permission denied


Okay I see.

Use a Terminal to run this command, replace X with the ip of your NAS:

curl -XPOST --data ‘{“Path”:"/tRaid6/DVR"}’ http://X:8089/dvr


Thanks! That did it much appreciated. -Steve