Can't find correct match, Doctor Who latest season

Supposedly part of the "Doctor Who 2005" series, season 14, episode 1. But neither Gracenote or the MovieDB can find this new episode, and fill out the details for it in my local content.

Any help?

That's one of three 60th anniversary specials airing.

Thanks, I still can't figure out how to match it up, as it doesn't pull up right within channels when I do an "incorrect match".

Not sure since I don't have it recorded.
I assume you are trying to import it as a TV Show episode?

I just created a fake import and am able to match it.
Imports/TV/Doctor Who/Doctor Who S00E01 The Star Beast.mp4
When I select Fix Incorrect Match it comes up like this
Screenshot 2023-11-26 at 18-02-55 Channels Manage Recordings
I change the search term
Screenshot 2023-11-26 at 18-03-21 Channels Manage Recordings
and select the only match

Yep, just figured it out about the same time you did! Thanks, I DO appreciate your help, some of these are more difficult than they should be, because of slight naming conventions, etc.

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Just a heads up going forward that the season numbering for Doctor Who might be changing.