Cant find HD Homerun after upgrade

All I did was change my router for the Xfinity router XR 8–T but when I plug in my HD Channel Duo it cannot be seen when I try to turn it on through my Apple TV. Yet Netflix Hulu prime everything else seems to be working except Channels any ideas?

Sounds like router issues to me. Do you have NAT hairpinning turned on in that router. Just guessing what it could be. Are you using the DVR or just the plain TV app that pulls in only from your HD Home Run directly. AKA no DVR. That information might help others that use that software.

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Oh and also did you actually power off the HD Channel Duo? If you didn't unplug it from the power, that will need to be done too so the new router knows what it is and dish it a new ip when the HD Channel Duo ask for it. Which I think only happens at bootup on those devices.