Can't find server after switching from hardwired/ethernet to wifi

I have two Apple TVs and both were directly connected to my home network via ethernet with Channels working well.

Had to make some changes so I unplugged one AppleTV and moved it to the home wifi network.

Since then I have been getting error messages after typing in the IP address.

Home network uses Eero (main; not in bridge mode).

I can see HD Home Run as connected via wired and with IP Channels is on my Synology (wired) at The wireless AppleTV is on

I am entering but getting 'failed to find server' or some similar message. Of note, my iPhone and iPad have the Channels App installed with no issues connecting and both show the server at

Oh yeah and I have the port 8089 forwarding to in Eero.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Maybe the WiFi has peer to peer communication disabled

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Wow! That was impressive!

Yes, uPnP was off (not sure why I had that off)

Working now.

Thank you!