Can't get access to remote DVR

I setup an ATV for my daughter at her apartment and installed the Channels app so she could remotely connect to my DVR at my house. I had her click on DVR and it gives her an IP address to go to and it is actually the IP address of the AppleTV. So there is no response using that IP address and she cannot login to my Channels DVR.

What are we doing wrong?

That’s how the authentication process works on the Apple TV. You have to visit the IP of your ATV and then it will redirect you to Channels Community to login to your account, and then send the DVR server details back to the ATV.

Understood, however it never redirects — it says “page cannot be desplayed…”

I set her up with a single Asus RT-68U router with one subnet -

Not sure why it won’t forward the request(or just answer)…

Whats is the URL in the browser bar when the error is shown?

Is she opening that url or are you? It needs to be accessed from the same home network as the Apple TV.

I have the same issue trying to connect to a remote DVR from the channels app on my AppleTV. I am on the same network with my laptop as my apple TV. When I type in it never redirects just says the page cannot be opened. Any ideas?

Make sure the URL you typed matches the one on the screen. The one you typed here is missing a 0.

Duh! Thank you!