Can't migrate from CCGTV Android TV

I am trying to move my server from Chromecast with Google TV running Android TV to Windows. Everything works on the Android server and the server interface works normally. Using X-plore on the CCGTV, I navigate to the database location with the back-up folders. Every back-up folder is empty. Where can I find the recorder and settings files to move to the Windows server?

I haven't done it myself but I'm just posting the official documentation in case you have not seen it: Channels Support - How do I move Channels DVR Server to a new computer?

I hope this helps.

I was not aware that CCGTV was a compatible device for Channels DVR SERVER. Those things are very underpowered and have what, 8gb internal space on them? Even if you used a hub in line, kind alike u can use the usb port on the Tivo Stream, such low powered device would suck as a server. CCGTV makes for a weak client device...server way.

Looks like you had it setup to record into Documents so you should see Database folder in there with backups.