Cant playback in progress recording

Sometimes in progress recordings wont let me playback. Normally if I play in progress recording I get a option to play from begining or live. Sometimes that doesnt happen and it just plays live.

Thusfar this has only happened with GMA on ch 20.1 (antenna). I probably only notice it with GMA because every morning I turn it on about 20-30min after start. When this happens it shows the show as red in the guide.

If i close Channels client app (nvidia shield). It will work when i relaunch. And allow me to play GMA from recording.

It has happened 4-5 times in last 2 months. So its intermitten

2022/05/11 06:11:09.385311 [DVR] Waiting 47m50.614695814s until next job 1652266740-29 Good Morning America
2022/05/11 06:59:00.001431 [DVR] Starting job 1652266740-29 Good Morning America on ch=[20.1]
2022/05/11 06:59:00.001521 [DVR] Waiting 11h59m59.998484414s until next job 1652309940-20 Entertainment Tonight
2022/05/11 06:59:00.525503 [TNR] Opened connection to 107AD15A/0 for ch20.1 WCJBabc
2022/05/11 06:59:00.541918 [DVR] Recording for job 1652266740-29 from 107AD15A ch20.1 into "TV/Good Morning America/Good Morning America 2022-05-11-0659.mpg" for 2h3m59.998446925s
2022/05/11 06:59:01.373983 [IDX] Generating video index for job 1652266740-29
2022/05/11 07:14:06.931013 [TNR] Sharing existing connection to 107AD15A/0 for ch20.1 WCJBabc (clients=2, len=0)
2022/05/11 07:14:19.662925 [SNR] Statistics for ch20.1 WCJBabc: ss=76%,73%-79% snq=99%,98%-100% seq=100% bps=6088929,1496480-12475680 pps=521,128-1068
2022/05/11 07:14:46.752708 [TNR] Opened connection to 107AD15A/1 for ch51.1 WOGX-DT

Being that it is a intermittent problem and no errors recorded in logs. I do not expect you to know how to fix. But yall have proven to me that you can work miracles. So.....