Can't reschedule recordings


So today I realize I'm going to run into a tuner amount issues. So I decided to cancel Forged in Fire at 8p in advance and record the later 11 o'clock show.

But I can't record the 11 o'clock show. The app goes through the motions iPhone and Apple TV, but none of them end up scheduling 11 o'clock show.

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Looks like there’s a few different bugs going on, some on the DVR side and some on the iOS app.

For now the best way to fix this:

  • pause your Forged in Fire Series Pass
  • hit record on the 11pm airing
  • resume your pass


Any updates to this issue, about to hit another wed were i have to mess with issue again



its been about 5 months and appears this is still an issue




its been about 6 months and appears this is still an issue


On suggestion is to just switch the pass to always use 11pm in advanced pass settings. Then you no longer have this issue.