Can't reschedule recordings

So today I realize I'm going to run into a tuner amount issues. So I decided to cancel Forged in Fire at 8p in advance and record the later 11 o'clock show.

But I can't record the 11 o'clock show. The app goes through the motions iPhone and Apple TV, but none of them end up scheduling 11 o'clock show.

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Looks like there’s a few different bugs going on, some on the DVR side and some on the iOS app.

For now the best way to fix this:

  • pause your Forged in Fire Series Pass
  • hit record on the 11pm airing
  • resume your pass

Any updates to this issue, about to hit another wed were i have to mess with issue again


its been about 5 months and appears this is still an issue


its been about 6 months and appears this is still an issue

On suggestion is to just switch the pass to always use 11pm in advanced pass settings. Then you no longer have this issue.

just about to hit 1 year on this issue.
Today i can see 9p recordings was going to be one to many for my 3 tuner.
So i canceled pawn stars at 9 looking to schedule it at midnight and still doesnt work. I have to wait until 10p after the show airs before i can que up the midnight one

Have you tried setting the shows with known later airings to have low priorities? That way when you have 4 shows airing and only 3 tuners, the show with the lower priority we'll be bumped, and Channels should then skip its recording (because no tuner would be available), and it should choose a later airing to record.

This is what I do
Pause the Pawn Stars series pass
Select to record the one I want at 12:06AM instead
Resume the Pawn Starts series pass and it will skip the 9:03PM and record the 12:06AM

I understand there are workarounds available

But wouldn't you agree that after a year this should be fixed already?

Workarounds are great for a short-term...But for program that's a monthly subscription I would have hoped by now a year-long bug would've been fixed.

If I have to guess I'm thinking the developers were hoping that the 6 tuner would have been out by now negating the need to fix this issue

I agree auto-conflict handling would be nice. I also have other things I wish were implemented, but I'm happy with Channels.

TiVo is years ahead in auto-conflict handling because they've been around that long and it's a closed box proprietary system. Handling scheduling conflicts for an open system like ChannelsDVR with multiple access points, multiple tuners and channel priorites is not an easy task.

I give the devs credit for being responsive to issues and continually improving the Channels experience and am willing to work-around some issues I have with my view of how I want it to work.

If I was unhappy with Channels I would quit paying for it and go to...(?)
That's why I'm still here.

VCR -> TVGOSw/FirewireHDD -> TiVoHD -> TiVoPremiere -> TiVoRoamio -> TiVoBolt -> HDHRw/PlexDVR -> HDHRw/SDDVR -> HDHRw/ChannelsDVR -> ?


Thank you for being the defender of the DVR universe.
Now if you wouldn't mind not hijacking my issue with your opinions
I can hope the developers will look into this. (after a year)

Remember this is the troubleshooting section not the opinion section.

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Yes Sir!

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not a fix to your issue, but you should add TVE into your tuner pool. now you'll have your 3 tuner prime and "unlimited" tuners to record while the prime is at capacity.

I plan to after it is out of beta

I think it’s alread out of Beta.

There’s absolutely no reason to wait for it to be out of beta to use the feature.

As for being able to reschedule in an easier manner, it’s on our list.