Cant schedule recordings on ipad or tvos beta

Title says it all.

I can schedule a recording on the release, but not on either the ipados or tvosbeta

How did you verify it didn't take? I ran into this issue also last night but haven't reported it. I set a s how to record but the app didn't show it was being recorded. I logged in to the web portal and it had the recording set. I force closed the app and started it and it was showing there as well. So I think it is setting the show to record but the issue is that it isn't giving visual feedback showing it's set.

It doesnt show up in the guide as being scheduled (yellow) When i select the show again its not being scheduled.

If i go into the release client i can schedule as usual.

I reported this on Friday. On mine the program is recording but you just can’t tell. Wait 30sec after you hit record and go to library and you will see it in there. I have found this is only happening on one time recording. Create a pass and it shows up recording fine

reporting the same issues here:

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Using the New AppleTV4k (running tvOS 15.1.1)
Using Windows Server build: 2012.12.03.1543

None of the new sdk builds seem to be communicating with the channels server in regards to setting a show to record, or cancel a recording, from the AppleTV grid guide.

Switching back to 2021 (12.4.100) old ATV client everything works as expected.
Using either ATV clients: 2021 (12.4.225) or 2021 (12.5.555) no highlights (indicating a show is now set to record) never works.

There is no log referencing this failure because it seems as though the client command to record a show is never received by the server.

Therefore at the moment I'm stuck using the ATV client 12.4.100

Please submit diagnostics from the non working build

As I indicated there are no logged errors because the server never got a command to record from the client

I confirmed this is happening on the newATV4k oldATV4k as well as the original apple tvs

So under a NEW build to record (or cancel a recording) I must use the server to make those changes

Client Diagnostics (12.5.1739) just submitted

from the server:
2021/12/05 13:52:53.311336 [TRS] Disk Permissions: OK
2021/12/05 13:52:53.686829 [TRS] System Firewall: OK
2021/12/05 13:52:53.713354 [TRS] Third Party Firewall: OK
2021/12/05 13:52:53.713861 [TRS] Network Flow Control: OK
2021/12/05 13:52:53.837685 [TRS] Power Management: OK
2021/12/05 13:53:15.211406 New diagnostic log submitted under 21affaf7-483a-4375-9ecb-136cfbd9d585

(after an attempt to schedule a recording from it)

Thanks. Is it working on iOS devices?

never thought to try. no same issue with iOS.

However the channels server appears to putting a record request into the gue. Its not reflecting the change in the guide

iOS after latest build
2021/12/05 17:10:09.275140 [TRS] Local Time: OK: Local clock is accurate
2021/12/05 17:10:09.275140 [TRS] TV Everywhere: OK
2021/12/05 17:10:09.694405 [TRS] Remote Access: OK: Successfully established external connection
2021/12/05 17:10:09.704501 [TRS] Disk Permissions: OK
2021/12/05 17:10:10.075866 [TRS] System Firewall: OK
2021/12/05 17:10:10.102511 [TRS] Third Party Firewall: OK
2021/12/05 17:10:10.103066 [TRS] Network Flow Control: OK
2021/12/05 17:10:10.224369 [TRS] Power Management: OK

2021/12/05 17:10:34.854904 New diagnostic log submitted under f2f00d02-2810-4962-8af5-8809822d97e1

Thanks guys. Fix is coming in next beta.

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Yea! Works great again. Awesome fix, thanks! @tmm1

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