Car “talk radio” mode

Im wondering if anyone else would like to see this.
I find that i use channels a lot while driving and listening to talk radio stations. Most of the time its sports stations where you don’t really need or want the video while driving, but this could apply to any stations like news channels etc.

Is there a way to have audio only on ios while driving?

There's a workaround, but it's awkward. However, it indeed give you a MP3 only stream:

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Oh this is interesting. Ill have to check this out.
Thank you for the tip!

Thanks for this.
I tried but it appears something is going on with my modified link on safari.

I monitored the transcoder on my server and it appears to start and play, but on safari ios15 i get a brief audio player and then this:

Any ideas?

I have requested an audio only mode for cases where the cell signal is not good enough for video, and/or data limits on the cell plan are limited.

So far, this doesn't seem like a feature that interests the developers.

Hey @TV_Ken have you tried the hack above?

It wouldn't be the worst thing to have a couple of bookmarks in safari to an audio only channel.

I couldn’t get it to work yesterday.

It looks like Apple may have changed how Safari handles things. And if it changed at the OS/system webview level, it will affect all browsers as they all must use Safari's engine.

That certainly would make sense and would explain things.

Im gonna try the hack remotely on my laptop in a full safari browser there, and possibly chrome.


no luck on laptop and full browser safari and chrome.

Yeah! Also, an audio-only CarPlay version of Channels would be awesome!

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Ahh, this is a big bummer! I had several channels bookmarked in Safari but didn’t know why they weren’t working anymore. I thought it was just me! Came in handy for listening to sports while taking walks. I would love for it to work again but I don’t have my hopes up :pensive: