Cartoon channel/ Adult swim switch

So I turned on cartoon channel to watch bob’s burgers, but I get “Cartoon Network will return at 6am”. Any ideas why this is not switching over to adult swim?

Hmm is the clock on your dvr set correctly? Try updating to the latest pre-release via the Check for Update dropdown.

The dvr clock is correct, it’s recording a show that’s on at 9pm right now. Afterwards I will update to the pre-release to see if that helps.

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Ok updated to the latest pre-release, checked the time (I am at -5, which is correct). Now at 8:45pm I get the “Cartoon network will be back at 6a”. The guide says bob’s burgers is on. Last night at 9:30pm adult swim showed up. So it seem like I miss about an 1hr or so. I am going to see what happens at the 9pm hour. I will report back

Ok as of 8:57pm it’s now working. Weird not sure what happened but it’s working. I will checking tomorrow around 8pm and see what happen then.

Update: just checked and it’s doing the same thing. “ cartoon Network will return tomorrow at 6 AM“

What happens if you log in at their website and try to stream?

Which channel number are you trying?

I think this broke recently. Someone said adult swim starts at 9pm: Adult Swim switches on too early

But now the guide data shows it starting at 8pm again?

I think this is what is happening. “Bob’s burgers” is on adult swim, which starts at 8pm recently. When when I log on to adult swim‘s app it works and is Broadcasting the correct show.

Okay fixed in latest pre-release.

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