Casting only works for recordings


When casting from the web UI, using "made by google" devices (pixelbook/chromecast), only recordings will cast. When live tv is casted it just shows a blank screen with a cast icon, the video feed keeps playing in the web ui.


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shrug the cast code is the same for all videos so I don't know why one would work and not the other. cast devices seem to be very finicky and are not fun to develop for.


Is there anyway to capture diagnostics when casting, something that might show why recordings work but live fails?


@tmm1 if there is anything I can do to test/troubleshoot cast issues let me know. I would love to see cast become a bigger part of Channels. With the API and IFTTT commands I can envision being able to say "hey google, play channel xx on living room tv" and it just working.

At the moment I have a home hub sitting on my desk and use it to play my recordings while working on the computer. As I mentioned before, the recordings play flawlessly but live tv fails (continues playing in browser with a cast icon showing on the home hub or chromecast connected tv). It may just be a small big for live tv, but I'm not sure how to troubleshoot.


I was never able to figure out how to debug the cast video player. I plan to pick up a Home Hub next month so maybe I'll give it a try then.


You've probably tried this, but it's what I found when I first ran into issues. I haven't had time to dig into it and since I'm not a dev I wasn't sure how much info I would be able to gather that would help, but If I can in any way just let me know. Hopefully casting live tv from the web ui is just a small bug.

I understand it would be a big undertaking to make things as simple as "cast channel xx to the tv", especially with remote content where it needs authorization, but if you could it would be pretty slick. Imagine just adding a chromecast to the tv's you rarely use instead of needing a dedicated streaming box at every tv.

Plex works great casting, even with remote access, but they don't have assistant commands. They are listed as one of the official cast "services" inside the home app though. I'm guessing the casting of Channels through the web UI is more of a browser function and the apps themselves would have to have casting coded into them for a seamless experience involving the assistant.


Here's some motivation... The part that does work (casting a recording from the web UI) is pretty damn neat. Full cast experience in the apps would be sweet.

The camera doesn't show how clear the picture actually is on the home hub, it looks great.