CBS San Diego Live feed Audio Drops

I'm experiencing random short audio drops on the live feed for the CBS channel in San Diego. The drops are irregular and less than a second. I have a solid fiber connection to the house through AT&T so I don't believe that is the issue. It's strange that it is only with CBS.

I'm trying to gather some data to see if anyone in the area has the same problem.
The feed coming out of YouTube TV is fine, so that must be a different feed. The feed coming through TV Everywhere is the live feed, which is the one I would like to use.
Anyone seen this sort of issue?

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Does it still happen if you skip back a little, so you are playing a few seconds behind live?

Yes it does. It's actually in the recording as well as live.

Do you get the audio dropout when viewing live from their website CBS Live TV Stream ?
That's the source for Channels DVR.

Yes, that is where I get the drops, from the live stream as well as the recorded version on the DVR. The dvr version is coming through the TV Everywhere, with the option for the local channels.
I understand that both are using the same live stream.

I isolated a few of the drops from the recorded version. I'm more than happy to put those out someplace if someone wants to hear them, if you think that would help.

If it drops out at the live feed from the CBS website, you need to complain to them.

It drops out of the live feed through my internet fiber connection, only on CBS. All other channels are fine. I did a quick test using the live feed on my phone across cellular and I believe it is fine. I do need to do another test to verify.
I'm not sure what, if anything, can be done if this is related to just one channel. I don't believe the fiber connection has any impact. I do not see any errors coming through the modem.

I have started an email with CBS, but haven't heard back.

If it is fine over a cellular connection then it would seem to be a problem with your LAN. Even when you use a cellular connection to watch it live you are still going through your internet connection to download it to the server first and then pass it back (upload) to the cellular connection.

The problem is, how can that be happening with just one channel? I could understand it more if it was happening to all channels. I have a Synology DS920+ connected by ethernet to an Eero 6 mesh network. My internet connection and my wifi have been rock solid.

Each channel is a different stream and comes from a different source. Mesh networks are not ideal for streaming.

Sure, but I am connected directly through ethernet, not wifi.

You didn't say what device you were using to access channels or if it was connected through wi-fi or ethernet. Anyway, with your details, it screams local area network.

Sorry about that. I access Channels through my Apple TV which is also ethernet connected, and then on my Mac, which is wifi. Both display the problem.

I was mistaken. The audio drops DO occur over cellular as well. I just verified that this morning. So I think that eliminates my LAN as the problem.

Never had an issue with CBS here in San Diego...OTA(HDHR) or via TVE

You are not crazy, this past weekend I have experienced audio drops on some of my football recordings, Fox, CBS and ESPN but they appear to be random. The MNF ESPN recording would lose audio for one block between commercial breaks but then resume after commercial breaks. Similar with some college football recordings as well. Its been too random and too few so its been tolerable. If it continues this coming weekend I will investigate it more on my end.