CBS TVE Not Showing

So I can access CBS online through TVE but it doesnt appear on Channels. Is there a way I can get it to show?

Did you enable local channels under experimental?


This is subject to market availability. In Atlanta, the CBS TVE does not work. I get all the other ones though.

Yes, but i have a friend one town over who gets CBS. I would imagine I am in the same availability area.

Does it work on


Submit diagnostics and email support


I seem to have same issue fwiw (cbs not showing; the link above works with directv login).

FWIW, I think the issue might have been my ad-blocker (pihole). I unblocked after seeing some error in the logs, rescanned and now cbs is showing up.


Great info. I also have a pi-hole and wasn’t getting my cbs station. Was getting errors in the log but just figured it wasn’t available here. After whitelisting this domain the errors are gone and now it plainly tells me it’s not available in my location. Lol.

I am using adblock and ublock origin but nothing like pihole. Would those affect it?

So update from this morning. I am on the most recent pre-release. CBS now appears on the client application but not in the server settings. Tapping on CBS just gets playback failed.

Seems a lot of us are having CBS problems.

Quite possible. I would recommend whitelisting that domain to see if it helps.

Mine isn't working either on Spectrum. However the iOS app and Spectrum and CBS work fine. Just not on my PC. It won't even let me try to sign in to my Spectrum account.

This makes it sound like there is a problem with Spectrum's authentication servers, and that's the root for not being able to get certain TVE networks to authenticate.

This is the error I get with CBS. I can log in via their app and website with no issue.

2021/04/29 10:26:08.945532 [TVE] action=cbs_station data={"success":true,"message":"EMPTY_CHANNELS"}
2021/04/29 10:26:08.945532 [TVE] action=cbs_station err=unavailable in location
2021/04/29 10:26:23.474854 [TVE] action=cbs_station data={"success":true,"message":"EMPTY_CHANNELS"}
2021/04/29 10:26:23.475304 [TVE] action=cbs_station err=unavailable in location

Anyone with spectrum. You may be able to login on CBS apps to watch Live National Content but for local CBS Network on TVE you can't logon on the web site:

Spectrum does not support TVE for your local network. They direct you to Paramount +

This has been my case for over 6 years. I guess they're still working on it.
This is what my DVR states every time it starts up. Its not available in my market on Spectrum.
2021/04/28 06:28:51.325537 [SYS] Downloading new version v2021.04.28.0351
2021/04/28 06:28:57.733695 [SYS] Update downloaded and verified successfully.
2021/04/28 06:29:02.754401 [SYS] Bonjour service stopped.
2021/04/28 06:29:02.886359 [DVR] Recording engine stopped.
2021/04/28 06:29:04.504323 [SYS] Starting Channels DVR v2021.04.28.0351 (linux-arm64 pid:305) in /mnt/data/channels-dvr/data
2021/04/28 06:29:04.536652 [SYS] Started HTTP Server
2021/04/28 06:29:05.582369 [HDR] Found 2 devices
2021/04/28 06:29:06.008397 [TVE] action=cbs_station data={"success":true,"message":"EMPTY_CHANNELS"}
2021/04/28 06:29:06.008569 [TVE] action=cbs_station err=unavailable in location
2021/04/28 06:29:07.400779 [M3U] Refreshed lineup for Pluto with 295 channels
2021/04/28 06:29:07.480416 [M3U] Refreshed lineup for Stirr with 123 channels
2021/04/28 06:29:08.651581 [DVR] Recording engine started in /media/DVR
2021/04/28 06:29:08.655416 [SYS] Bonjour service running for dvr-server.local. []