CC sizing off on mkv import

I'm guessing that this is not expected sizing of the closed captioned stream. This is on an mkv import

Well at least it isn't too small.... :wink:

What's view details on that recording?

Happens every time? Only with that video?

Every time with that video and the one like it from last week for another episode.

If you extract the SRT, does it have display information, or just the subtitles?

Have you modified the default subtitle display settings in tvOS' accessibility settings?

Hmm I didn't change any of the accessibility settings, HDHR CC displays normal.
I haven't tried to extract anything.

@tmm1 do you want the recording? Its not a big issue for me as I only use CC when its late and I dont want to turn the volume up. I just didnt know if you wanted to track down the issue etc.

Yes we will need to have a look. Please send it to us

@tmm1 sure thing, here you go:

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