CCTV DVR Recomendations for m3u Channel

Over the weekend it appears as though my 7 year old security camera DVR bit the dust. I'm looking for a replacement DVR (HDD included), but want to make sure I get one that I can get the feeds and convert to m3u's for a/some custom channel(s). I've read up all the ways to make that happen, but my previous hardware was so old it didn't appear to be possible (and the company that made it went out of business).

As such, looking for some recommendations on a DVR replacement. I have 4 hard-wired/powered analog cameras with BNC connectors. Not interested in any type of upgrade on that right now, just need a 1-to-1 replacement for the DVR that perhaps has some modern upgrades.

Found a couple of potential ones from ZOSI that look like they might as well have come from the old manufacturer and will at the very least do everything I could do before (4 channel recording, remote viewing and playback, the etcetera rest of standard fair). Still, I would like to take advantage of the custom m3u channels for this use case and cannot figure out if they would allow that.


You'll want to find something that can re-transmit over RTSP. This is very common.

Channels will be able to consume and display RTSP streams, and of course HTTP streams.

I'd recommend checking out the discussion forums on

I've been very happy with my Dahua DVR & cameras I bought four years ago through Empire Tech Andy on that site. They work great with Channels DVR M3U support.

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