CCWGTV PIP and Auto play Issues

I decided to try channels on an android device rather than the Kodi box's I have been using. About 2 weeks ago when I installed the Chromecast pip was working fine but I could not figure out how to stop playback so I put my flirc from Kodi box on the Chromecast so I could have a stop button but for about the last week or so the feature is no longer available. I have set on server pip always but option does not even display in the client menu at all to check there or I have been unable to locate it. On my phone pip does work fine and both phone and Chromecast are using beta client.

Am I missing something or has the feature been removed for CCWGTV?

Another thing that seems to have changed recently is auto play. When first installed I could watch a series and it would auto play the next episode for about the last week or so it will replay the current episode being watched over and over same for watching a recent recording when show is finished instead of stopping playback it starts playing the episode over again.

I couldn't find a setting for it but repeat play doesn't exist does it?

The CCGTV does not support PiP. The client does not have a repeat function, but there is a bug with auto play repeating the current episode that is being investigated.

That's odd since pip worked without issue other than stopping playback on the CCWGTV for over a week. Maybe I was just lucky enough to get a preview of what's coming then.

Thanks for the heads up on the repeating issue.

Perhaps they added it in a recent update; it did not support PiP when the device was first released.