Certain AVI files fail to play

i have a few seasons of a show in my library in .avi, but they fail to play in channels. when i try to play them, they start to load then it just says transcoder finished. this is on the web player and appletv. they work in vlc/plex, and other .avi work in channels.

i saw some posts about missing metadata? i see a similar message in the transcoder logs.

You'll need to provide more details on these video files. Find the videos in your Channels DVR Server web admin and use the View Details option to get more info on them.

Paste them in here so we can get real details on their codecs.

  "ID": "7022",
  "GroupID": "184363",
  "Path": "Dexters Laboratory\\S01\\Dexter's Lab - S01E02.avi",
  "CreatedAt": 1692087708,
  "FileSize": 183334912,
  "Duration": 1294.8936,
  "Completed": true,
  "Processed": true,
  "Airing": {
    "Source": "tms",
    "OriginalDate": "1996-05-05",
    "Time": 831254400,
    "Duration": 0,
    "Title": "Dexter's Laboratory",
    "EpisodeTitle": "Dexter Dodgeball; Dial M for Monkey: Rasslor; Dexter's Assistant",
    "Summary": "Dexter plays dodgeball; intergalactic wrestling champ; Dexter gives Dee Dee a smarter brain.",
    "FullSummary": "Dexter makes an armored suit for gym class; intergalactic wrestler challenges all comers; Dee Dee helps Dexter on a project.",
    "Image": "https://tmsimg.fancybits.co/assets/p10515883_b_h9_aa.jpg?w=720&h=540",
    "Categories": [
    "Genres": [
    "Tags": [
    "SeriesID": "184363",
    "ProgramID": "EP001765550034",
    "SeasonNumber": 1,
    "EpisodeNumber": 2,
    "Cast": [
      "Christine Cavanaugh",
      "Jeff Bennett",
      "Kath Soucie"
    "ReleaseYear": 1996,
    "ContentRating": "TV-G"
  "UpdatedAt": 1694046004455,
  "Version": 6,
  "ImportPath": "E:\\TV",
  "ImportQuery": "Dexters Laboratory",
  "ImportGroup": "184363",
  "ImportedAt": 1694046003793