Certain Stations in guide blank

Why is it when I try to watch OTA through the Apple TV channels app that some of the current shows a blank and untunable in the guide. This happened yesterday when trying to watch football from my local CBS station, WWL.

Try going to the Channels DVR Server web admin, finding your tuner on the settings page, and clicking the refresh button on that tuner. This will sync with the device channels.

The stations are only blank for those programs that are currently being broadcast. I can select the next show that has not started; but not the current one. I use spectrum for my TVE and right now the USA Bravo and Sundance channels are blank for the next two hours until noon.

Did you try the suggestion?

Yep – it fetched lots of missing guide data; but did not solve the problem.



Did this problem just start happening? Is your timezone set correctly?

I first noticed it over the weekend. Yes, the timezone is set correctly to CDT. All of the stations except 2 CSPANs and the Sundance Channel now appear. I have an amplified outdoor antenna which sits 15 feet high running to a HDHomerun quatro and then to a Synology 218+. I watch from apple tvs, both 4k and non 4k.

On the dvr web UI do you see guide data for those channels?

I am not sure how to do that.

DVR web UI ---> Settings ----> Sources found ----> Click on xxxchannels
xxx is the number of channels found

Just click the Guide tab on your dvr web UI and see if the channel shows up with guide data or not.

I have done that and some stations are still blank. Right now , everything is working though.