Change order of episodes


Am I doing something wrong? Lets say I am recording Speechless...and I'm being 3 episodes. When I click on Speechless, the first thing that is highlighted is the most recent episode...not the episode that is up next to watch. I can't find a way to change the order so that it defaults to the right episode.


Up next grid shows the next unwatched episode


I turn up next off because I find it to be a rendundant display. On that screen I just want a list of shows. The fact it shows them twice on the same screen bothers me so I turn it off.


As Stuart noted: "Up Next" will select the next unwatched episode. "Recent," on the apps, or "Recordings," on the web page, shows all the recordings.

Are you talking about the DVR, or one of the STB apps?


On the recordings page. I would rather see a list of all of the Passes I have setup, select it, then select an episode. So for that, I do not like the Up Next on that tab.


Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but my "Up Next" always shows the most recently recorded program as Next, and not the first in a series of two or more episodes.


And how do I disable the whole "Up Next" section of the recordings tab (if possible)?

-- Mike


On the web interface under recordings/shows/all select a show and then the gear you can hide from up next and set to play newest or oldest, but not unwatched.

The other thing is that when you make a pass, you can’t select these, you need at least one recording first. These would be great advanced pass options.


Same. I watch a show and delete it, so the display is always redundant.