Change Remote Login from Google Account for my Father-In-Law


Hello, my father-in-law is going to Costa Rica for a month to visit his wife's family. He was asking about Netflix, Prime Video, etc. I was thinking about giving him remote access to my Channels DVR but I used my Google login to create my account, and I really don't want to give him my Google account info. Any recommendations?


you can change this. I can't remember how but it something you can do with your forum account preferences. I had to do the same thing.


Thanks, I see I can click delete on my Google account association. It's not real clear what happens from there. I might give it a try.


I know this is possible because I did it as well. I don't remember how to do it... but it definitely is possible!


I just figured it out!

Go to your settings, and request a password reset email. Then reset your password. Now you can log in with a password and not just SSO.