Change to wireless after setup

My system is running great. It's on a GB hardwire connection. I wanted to see if WiFi would work equally well. I have 400Mb service and AC router. Speed test are the same wired or wireless. Anyway, I don't see anything in the Channels setting screen and in terminal mode ifconfig doesn't even work. So how would I change it? Hopefully if I don't like it I can easily change back to wired.


You haven’t indicated, but I’m going to guess you’re using the Raspberry Pi 4 image? If so, network connections are handled by NetworkManager. For additional details, there are a variety of manuals to answer your questions:

Also, check out the Arch wiki entry, which might be a bit more informative, too.

Thank you. I am using the Raspberry Pi 4 image. I am familiar with NetworkManager. I was hoping it would be in admin browser settings. Anyway, thank you so much for your help!