Change "Up Next" and "Recent"/"Recently Recorded" Top-Level Displays

I would like to see the top-level displays for "Up Next" and "Recent" changed. Rather than have the two of them display what often appears to be the same thing twice, and then having to click the blank "More" box on the lower-right of one to see all the listings, I would prefer that they each display what their "More"s would display.

Save screen real estate. Save button clicks.

(Applies to Android TV and FTV. I meant to post it to the Android TV Feature Requests section.)

I agree. I don't usually watch shows right after they were recorded so I always have to arrow over to more to get to the older recordings.

It would be great to have the sort option for ascending and descending times.

And how about showing only (filtering) recents shows for just the last 1/2/3/4/... days/weeks/months to be able to not view what you are essentially archiving (older shows) and still see the recent ones listed in chronological order.

And about the "Up Next": any way to disable it completely from showing up? It seems to display the most recently recorded programs, and that is not how I normally view my recordings.

-- Mike

I like having "up next", but I'm wondering why both "up next" and "recent" have two rows with a "more" box? Why not just one row each, but then lists ALL shows with continuous scrolling to the right (just like in the Android TV home screen, in Netflix etc.) until you reach the last show?

Or having "up next" and "recent" have all the rows, rather than displaying them both at the same time?

Yes, I agree. Either
a) one row each ("up next" and "recent"), and then continuous scrolling to the right with all recordings instead of "more" or
b) even better: having a "Recordings" category instead of "up next" and "recent" where you see all of your shows and can decide in which order they are displayed via settings (alphabetical, up next, recent,...).

  • Niko
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Option "B" sounds better. The issue with continuously scrolling lines is that they are a pain to navigate. I think the ideal is somewhere between the two, though.

I support this

Option B does sound like a better route.