Changed my mind - my loss, your gain

First of all, I hope this doesn't break any rules - this is just a 1 time "I need to sell this stuff".

Back in the fall, I was ready to get Channels to record my OTA tv watching, so I bought a few things. I have now changed my mind, and went a different direction (steaming service) and would like to sell them. Note that these things are BRAND NEW, never used, and still in the original packaging.

Channel Master Omni+ - an "any direction" outside digital antenna. $60
Channel Master LTE signal filter - sits between the antenna & TV to filter out interference from cellular signals. $20

HD Homerun Extend (2 channel) - a DVR to record 'over the air" (antenna) broadcasts. $100

All 3 for $125 and I'll pay for the shipping from Bryan, TX.

Contact me direct at [email protected]. 979-220-0004.

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Would be best visibility to post there.

And, u do know that u can use Channels DVR with OTA and a streaming service login via TVE. I use an antenna and also have most of the channels included with Philo and Xfinityr in channels fine. Some channels have not TVE stream though. OTA is only way to get certain local channels in my area.