Changes in Guide behavior

Over the last couple of weeks, I've noticed some quirky changes in the guide....

  • When returning to the guide from a playing channel, the guide will first open to the last time the guide was displayed, and then jump to update to the current time. I don't remember this being the case. When this happens, it also appears that some guide rows aren't correctly updated until the guide is scrolled (the top 'time' markers change, but the rows are off by I think the interval to the previous guide time).

  • It appears that the guide is having trouble dealing with shows that don't start on an even interval (many channels now have start times like '8:42' or '8:06'). When this occurs on the leftmost guide entry, it doesn't display anything in the first guide start time, instead of the previous show. There is a black block where the previous show data should be.

Just passing this on in case it's related to some of the other guide problems I've seen reported.

That behavior is not new. When returning back to the guide, that data is refreshed from the server. Any programming that ended before the current time will not get any entry in the guide; instead a blank spot will be shown.

If you are noticing that the guide seems to be refreshing from the server more frequently than before, it could be that your device is running low on storage, and therefore cannot hold all of the guide data in cache, and refreshing from the server becomes necessary.

Not a storage issue....running on a Shield Pro and have 7.9G of internal storage available.

Maybe it's just me and so many more channels are using the offset start times that made me notice. But I really don't remember it happening such that I previously took note.