Changing Local Server IP on App

I have channels DVR installed on another server. At times I like to test difference between them. In this case a synology nas and truenas scales. Now I know by default the app will bring up the last server it was attached to or is currently attached to. The ask is can you guys auto populate the current ip address if connected into the box when using the local server. Instead of having to re-type the first 3 octets every time. Then I would only have to change the last octet to switch servers.
Example on synology nas vs for the truenas server. If it didn't connect to the server at all then have a blank box if it didn't connect?

Just a pain to put in the full ip address on the Apple TV every time.

On the DVR web UI, look at Settings > Basic Setup > Bonjour. Only one of your servers should have this setting enabled; otherwise both servers will be sending out messages in the network that they are the DVR server, and clients will get confused.

This isn't a Channels issue, per se, but rather you running multiple copies of the software in an unsupported manner, and not configuring things properly.

You are correct I could probably do that at the server level. But if I did it the way you are talking about. That would change it for anyone that starts up the Apple TV in other rooms. which I don't want.

My request is still valid that it would be nice if the app would auto populate the ip address that it connects to. Then I would only have to delete the last 3 numbers of the ip address and connect to the new/different server.

AFAIK, once a client had a saved IP address for a server, it will continue to prefer that server over Zeroconf/Bonjour advertisements. Have you confirmed that this is not the case?

(Also, continuing to run multiple servers on the same network segment with Bonjour/Zerconf advertisements enabled will lead to unsupported behavior. Choose your battles; and when you seek support, ensure your scenario is something that can be recreated to facilitate proper response. If you choose to operate outside of parameters, then you will most likely have to deal with things on your own, or rely upon benevolent users willing to aid those operating outside support.)

I think you have mis understood the request. All I am asking is that the client app auto populate the current ip address it is connected to. If it doesn't connect then it should be blank. If it did then it should still auto populate the ip address. Its more of an ease of use. Have you tried typing in the ip address with a Apple TV Remote. Having to go back and forth between the function categories and then of course the numbers and the period are basically at the bottom while the functions are at the top.

"Yes I know it auto saves the ip address and keeps the last one you used. But after I am done testing the new server. I would like to go back to the main one."

Well now I gotta re-type the entire 10.0.0 back into the box instead of just the last 3 digits.

I normally do not run both servers at a time, it is more of a backup machine and for testing. I could also see this as a win for the dev team too if they wanted to switch between servers easier. But I would imagine they have better tools for that than my Apple TV Remote.

I apologize. I thought you might have been a regular user looking for support from the community. I didn't realize that you knew you were using the software in ways it wasn't intended, and then you expected the community to know that you were using it differently via some magical supernatural situation.

Next time you seek community assistance, please detail each manner in which you have deviated from the standard, as it will make it infinitely more accessible, especially when you are seeking community support.

Sigh. Ok.

It is not uncommon for someone to need two servers online.

  1. Move their existing Channels DVR setup to a newer machine and to test to make sure that is working.
  2. Devs here have a production release and beta releases. Granted they do a good job with the coding. But it can be a roll of the dice and at times they do break things. Really should be tested on a second machine first prior to installing on your main machine. I know that not everyone has the luxury of installing this software on a second machine.

Not so much. I stink at magic.