Changing my Credit Card was hard to find


FYI… It was hard to find out where you update my credit card information.

Went to DVR then Manage Subscription and click on the Active Button. Seemed odd place.

Started here to update my Account but then I remembered it was on my DVR UI.

Maybe a LINK from my Community Account and maybe a link on the Manage Subscription for Account Update or something like that.

Just trying to help the next guy.


if thats not possible, maybe put the “Apple TV” “iOS” “DVR” menu items on the top bar of the communities. Once your in the communities, there isn’t a way to get back to the getchannels main page.

I agree that It might make sense when we hit that page that it says “Active: Manage” or something similar.


I also had a similar problem - it was not clear to me that the “Active” link above “Cancel Subscription” was where I would go to update my credit card information.

+1 to make that link (or add a link)