Channel Limit in Guide?

I had posted the following in another topic, because it sounded similar, but I did not get an answer, so I will try and post as its own topic:

Is there a limit to the number of channels shown in the guide?

Here is what I am experiencing with a mix of 2 HDHR Duals (via Antenna), 1 HDHR Prime (via CableCard) and Spectrum's TVE:

On all of my Fire TV Stick 4Ks:
When I make the Prime a higher priority than TVE, I am missing a several channels, in the Guide, from TVE.

When I make TVE a higher priority than the Prime, I am missing several channels, in the Guide, from the Prime.

It doesn't matter where I have the Duals prioritized or if I turn one of the Duals off, as all the antenna channels show in the Guide.

Non-Hidden Channels: 41 from Antenna, 78 from CableCard and 109 from TVE. Total of 228

When Prime is Priority 1: 41 from Antenna, 78 from CableCard and 62 from TVE. Total of 183

When TVE is Priority 1: 41 from Antenna, 34 from CableCard and 109 from TVE. Total of 184

So, is there a cap around 183 or 184?

One other note: The free TVE channels (above 6700) only show a difference of 1 in the two scenarios above (43 when Prime is Priority and 44 when TVE is Priority).

Are your "missing" channels actually gone, or are they being merged with a channel from a different tuner? For instance, if you had USA network on both your Prime and TVE sources, it would only appear once in your guide on client devices. If the Prime source has priority, it would be listed as the Prime's channel number; and if the TVE source has priority, the channel would only be listed with the TVE channels.

Okay, good explanation. I guess what was throwing me off of that scent was there are some channels that appear as from Prime and TVE...some of these turn out to be obvious...some TVE channels have an East and West feed, so one would show up in the Prime's numbers and the other in the TVE section. But, there were still several that only have one feed, but would show up in both sections, like the Regional Sport (Fox Sports TN and Fox Sports South), Sundance, IFC, AMC, TVLand, and maybe a couple more (kinda got weary eyed after a while of this).

So, I don't guess I am missing any channels...I just need to Prioritize the Prime on all of the Fire TV Sticks, so there is no channel confusion.

I have 413 channels on my HDHomerun Prime and an additional 113 via TVE. If I enable them all, they all show in the guide. I think the above post nailed it.