Channel listing order


Is there a way to reorder the channel listing, at least when viewing by Favorites? I would like to have selected channels at the top and the rest below.



You can reorder your favorites, and then they will be shown in your chosen order in the guide.

However, the order of favorites is a per-device setting that is not synched across devices.


Well that's good to know and not synching across devices is fine. I only need it for the ATV. Obviously I do not know how to accomplish this. What am I missing?



Go to On Now, select Favorites, click and hold a channel to move it


Which interface?
Not in Windows - or at least those instructions lead nowhere.


On Apple TV, iOS or Android


Yes, it indeed works on FireTV (in a perfect world Android and FireTV would always be together, but as a Plex Veteran - the world is far from perfect - you guys get a cookie).



Awesome! There is so much hidden, I can't find it all no matter how much I play around with that goofy remote. My wife loves it, I hate it.