Channel Logo on Timeline

Hi, would really like an option to swap the programme thumbnail to the channel logo on the timeline.

Reason being we often jump to the channel via buttons and unlike when we channel 'surf' (when the logo appears in the top corner) the logo doesn't appear this way. For us the text of the programme is enough and having a channel logo next to it instead of the guide image would be quite helpful.

Any thoughts devs? Others have any thoughts?

When I jump to the channel via buttons on my Harmony remotes, I still do see the channel logo in the top corner for a moment, just as I do when I channel surf. I'm on an AppleTV though so this might be a difference in platforms.

That being said, I'm all for customizable options, and I'd like to see a setting that would display channel logo more prominently in the timeline instead. I can see how that would be useful. I'd want that too, but not if it replaced the program thumbnail. I think I'd prefer to see both down there...

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No, it is true for Android TV, too.

Hmm weird. I’m pretty sure I’m not seeing the channel logo pop up when I jump to channels via a preset button.

It could be how you are changing the channel. How exactly do you have a "preset"?

In my experience, changing the channel via direct number entry or the channel up/done buttons, a box in the upper right appears with the channel logo, name, and number.

Via an HTTP request.

Logos don’t show on every channel change. Just when using channel up and down or by number.

Any thoughts on my feature request? I realise this is quite a small ‘feature’.

It’s been noted.

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