Channel Missing In Guide

I just moved and now I have everything all set up and running well. Only thing is sometimes I have a channel that I get great signal on, and its not showing up in my normal guide. If I go to the channels admin it shows up. If I mark it as a favorite, it will show up in my favorites, but for some reason its not on my guide? Is there a way to force channels to show up on the guide?

Just updated Channels.
Running on Synology DS218+ Linux (kernel: 4.4.59+)
Apple TV

Example : Looking for 9.1

Here is the guide in the admin :

Here is the guide on the Apple TV

And here it shows up when I mark it favorite in the admin

I feel like I am missing something.. Thanks for the help

You probably have the TVE locals experimental setting enabled, and the app is combining NBC 6000 and 9.1 into one entry on the guide. Since your TVE sources are listed first on the guide it may be appearing as 6000

Taking off TVE locals worked, I had the HDHomeRun as the priority over any TVE, I figured that would always show the OTA channels? All good tho, I just watch the OTA signal anyway.