Channel missing in the guide but visible in favorites

You can see in my screen shots channel 5.1 doesn’t show up in my guide but if I go under Settings -> Sources I can see it and if I favorite it then I can see it in the favorite guide.

The guide combines channels across tuners into one entry

Right, but the channel should show up still right? If it is on one of my tuners it should be in the guide right?

Yes, if you scroll you will find NBC listed elsewhere. It will be based on whichever source is listed as highest priority on the settings tab

Ah I understand so it is a priority issue.

That fixed it!


There is some inconsistency however.

ABC should have had the same issue because it is on channel 4.1 and 6001, but ABC shows in the guide twice, where NBC on 5.1 and 6000 only shows once based on which tuner priority is higher.

ABC shows twice because the local TVE feed is listed with a different call sign (ABCSTR) than your local affiliate (KABC, in my case). The NBC and Fox feeds in TVE are given the proper local affiliates' call signs, so they are merged when the ABC isn't.

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That makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.