Channel number overlap KLCS / CSPAN?

just noticed this because i don't often watch either of these channels...but while trying to check CSPAN for something, i noticed it wasn't showing in my guide. seems to be because KLCS is showing as 6007, which is the same number CSPAN has...

any ideas on why this is happening or how to fix? i have no idea how long this has been this way because like i said, i don't often watch either channel...

Need diagnostics

Logs have been submitted as 9a0a4e69-506d-4a27-a3c4-4ecd25fc5afd . Please send an email to [email protected] to give details about the issue you're having.

@tmm1 any idea what's going on here? i tried to resolve this by disabling KLCS, but as soon as i do that it also disables CSPAN...

Fixed in next prerelease

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great, thanks!

KLCS is fixed, but now it's happening with KPBS.


i have multiple TVE providers, and one of them has KLCS (which you fixed) and the other has KPBS (which now overlaps with CSPAN)...

still seeing the overlap on KPBS. any updates on this one?

@tmm1 can you assist with this? i'm still seeing an overlap, now it's KPBS that overlaps with CSPAN. it doesn't really bother me all that often (as you can tell since it's been months since i've visited this thread lol), but it is something i'd like to fix up if we can...

Sounds like they need to limit the PBS channels to the first three for the "Experimental Local Networks via TV Everywhere".
Problems of being between two large metro areas?

anyone? @tmm1?

this isn't a huge issue (as you can see that i only ask about it every few months lol) but i basically can't watch cspan if i ever want to, because of the PBS overlap...

Curious if anyone else gets multiple ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC or PBS.
I get one of each, except for FOX in my area.
AKAIK, the channel numbers are as follows
6000 NBC
6001 ABC
6002 FOX
6003 CBS
6004 PBS #1
6005 PBS #2
6006 PBS #3
6007 CSPAN

Those are the same numbers I get. In the LA market, I have:

  • 5004 KOCE (Orange County)
  • 5005 KVCR (San Bernardino)
  • 5006 KLCS (Los Angeles)
  • 5007 C-SPAN

This should be fixed in v2021.09.09.2144


yep, looks good! thanks!