Channel numbers: is it possible to change them?

In 2020.11.16.2026 and later: Settings > Basic Setup > Locast > :gear: > Preserve Channel Numbers

(You may have to delete and re-create the guide database to get the guide to map onto the new channel numbers: Settings > Guide Database > :gear: > Delete and Recreate Database)

OK, but the guide now doesn't show programming info. Still shows for the old set up

As I posted, you possibly may need to delete and re-create the guide database to ensure the guide data gets mapped to the new channel numbers. See my post above with where to find that option.

(Also, after you delete and re-create the database, it may be beneficial to restart your DVR server, and then ensure that you are starting your clients fresh—force close/quit the Channels app, and then relaunch it on your streaming device.)

Didn't have to do that. Just re scanned Locast and they showed up. Channels is awesome

This is cool.

Question - where did the 6000+ number system come from for the TVE channels?

Most broadcast/cable systems do not have any channels in that range. And I imagine it was also driven by the fact that HDHomeRun tuners will automatically assign channel numbers 5000 and above for channels without PSIP data. So, to avoid possible conflicts, 6000+ was chosen.

(Of course, that's my WAG; but seems more than reasonable.)


this is i can go back to the native locast integration and have my wife be ok with it rather than having to use fHDHR to get the channel numbers.

any chance the ability to change channel numbers for the rest of the channels is coming any time soon? would be great to be able to change to a numbering scheme we're more familiar with (like directv, for example)...

We would like to add channel aliasing eventually, but it is a big technical undertaking and not going to happen quickly. The more immediate goal is to add favs/hidden syncing across clients.


okay, fair enough.

quick question: in order to go from the fHDHR locast implementation to the native one, do i need to do anything other than remove the fHDHR and turn on preserve channel numbers in the latest build? will all of my recordings translate to the new channel numbers?

Yea that's all you have to do. Maybe reload guide data afterwards.

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It's been a wile any news on this front?

My guess from what you're repling to is No.
"The more immediate goal is to add favs/hidden syncing across clients."
AFAIK, that hasn't happened yet.

I am asking the developer on something that has been posted over a year ago and hasn't happen.

Channel aliasing is about the only thing that I can think of that would make Channels perfect now. You and your team have a fantastic product!

I provide in-law or buddy down the street tech support for a number of non-overly technical folks, most of them are used to finding ESPN on channel 206, for example, or whatever ATT Uverse had it. This would make for a smooth adoption.

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While this is not natively available yet, you can indeed remap channel numbers.

I did this for my parents to match the DirecTV mapping that they are familiar with:

(You may want to read the full thread. Also, do a search for remap, and you may get a few more threads to help you along your way.)