Channel numbers: is it possible to change them?

for example, coming from directv for 10+ years i'm very used to their channel there any way to edit the tve and/or locast channels to match those numbers? if not, is this something that could be added in the future? would be great to have that ability and/or the ability to change the locast numbers to match the actual OTA numbers (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc)...

A similar request had previously been made with regards to channel numbers—specifically for Locast. Here's Aman's response:

A setting to use OTA numbering for Locast seems reasonable. Right now we don't have a great place in the UI to put per-source settings, and previous efforts to revamp that part of the web UI hit some snags.

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I would also love the ability to enter an alternate channel number. The ones that pulled from my FiOS account have no resemblance to the Verizon channel numbers.


Is this possible to change channel numbers to resemble a numbering system more like directv? Instead of being in the 6000s?

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Same boat here - I have 4 sources now (OTA, CableCard, and 2 TVE's), and it's a mess to manage. I can favorite my way to something resembling sanity, but custom numbering would be a godsend.

Numbering or just changing the order of channels would be great.

Random thought:

What about using Telly to create a pseudo-HDHomeRun device with the channel lineup/order you desire. Then use a dummy XMLTV to map your desired channels with new numbers to appropriate call signs. Set this empty pseudo-device as the first priority, and when your DVR/clients can't tune with non-existent streams, they'll fall back to your actual tuners.

(This is just a thought experiment. I haven't actually attempted this to see how it will work in actuality. Of course, input and experiences are welcome!)

it has been almost a year since i asked about this, any chance this is in the pipeline? my wife keeps yelling at me when i tell her to put on channel 7 and it's actually

You can output m3u files to use as a tuner for Emby and then you can edit the channel numbers as you wish.

that's not really a solution, that's using another piece of software to fix the problem.

I gave you an alternative that's all. I have the both running channels and Emby and I was playing around with the channel numbers for my wife’s benefit that does not like change. Trying to reflect the channels from Verizon's guide. Yes it would be nice to have that option built in to the channels server.

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fair enough, but i don't really want to start messing around with emby. i guess i could try it with plex, but their tv interface is awful...

I find Emby a bit easier to use than Plex down side they need subscription for the tuners.

emby needs a subscription? yeah, that's not happening...i already have a lifetime plex pass. not paying for another subscription...

I hear you I have a lifetime on Emby and after years of using the free part of Plex I bought a year subscription.

From my experience Plex didn't work. I could not find a way to give Plex a M3U file. I have an xTeve instance setup that does provide an emulated HDHR tuner and that worked with Plex. Emby can use both. In the end Plex was too much effort and guide data never worked with multiple guide sources. Emby had no issues with multiple guide sources.

Same her found that Emby worked pretty well.

This setting has been added in the latest build.


I'm on the latest build but I don't see how to change channel numbers